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Nordic Kata Tipi (Teepee) tent rental for weddings, corporate events, parties and festivals in Nova Scotia and beyond. Crafted from sustainable wood and canvas, Kohkos Events Nordic Tipis create the most magical atmosphere for events of any size.

nordic tipi tent rentals

elegant outdoor tent rentals
for weddings, festivals & corporate gatherings

Be rewarded with a celebration that is one of a kind and truly unique to you and your guests. Our visually stunning giant Nordic designed tipi tents are guaranteed to create magical outdoor spaces and a memorable experience.

Made in Sweden and inspired by the nomadic Sami people of Northern Scandinavia, our Nordic Kata Tipi (or Teepee) tents are the most versatile. They offer an unexpected and delightful alternative to traditional temporary outdoor structures. Built from sustainably harvested wood and highly durable, weatherproof canvas, Nordic Tipi tents stand an impressive 24' high and over 34' wide, creating a stylish and breathtaking venue for any occasion.

Need more? Multiple Nordic Kata Tipis can be linked to make a larger bespoke space. The unique design of Giant Nordic Tipis allows for many options to suit your event. From the sunny days of summer to the cozy nights of winter, you decide on sides up or down depending on your needs. 

Whatever the occasion...festivals, corporate or government functions, weddings, family celebrations, amazing parties, outdoor adventures, sporting events or just for the pure fun of it. With our Giant Nordic Tipis featuring their soaring peaks and beautiful natural timbers, we can create a unique and captivating atmosphere that is bound to be unforgettable!


options for nordic tipi tents

All measurements shown are approximate.

single nordic kata tipi

Perfect for smaller intimate gatherings. Functional, versatile and extremely elegant.
One Nordic Kata Tipi is an ideal space for up to 60 seated guests or 100 standing depending on the layout.

x 100

Dimensions: 34 ft x 34 ft (sides down), 43 ft x 43 ft (sides up)

Covered area: 907 sqft (sides down), 1452 sqft (sides up)

Basic lighting included.

Woven mat flooring available for an extra fee.

Intimate Outdoor Weddings_4
Scots Bay Photo Shoot_46.jpg

double nordic kata tipis

Two linked Kata Tipis are recommended for larger functions with dining, dancing and more...
The ideal space for 120 seated guests or up to 200 standing.

x 200

Dimensions: 34 ft x 67 ft (sides down), 43 ft x 76 ft (sides up)

Covered area: 1814 sqft (sides down), 2530 sqft (sides up)

Basic lighting included.

Woven mat flooring available for an extra fee.


triple nordic kata tipis

Linked together in an arc, straight line or triangle, three Kata Tipis lend themselves to the largest gatherings.
The flexible layouts are ideal for 180 seated guests or over 300 standing depending on how you choose to use the space.

x 300

Dimensions (Arc): 39 ft x 99 ft (sides down), 49 ft x 108 ft (sides up)

          (Triangle): 62 ft x 67 ft (sides down), 71 ft x 76 ft (sides up)

Covered area (Arc): 2721 sqft (sides down), 3628 sqft (sides up)

          (Triangle): 2721 sqft (sides down), 3437 sqft (sides up)

Basic lighting included.

Woven mat flooring available for an extra fee.

Taylor and Joel Wedding.jpg

naked kata 

Fall in love with Naked Katas! We offer a canvas free option, Naked Kata- just the poles and fairy lights.
Whether you want to create the ultimate open air space for a dining area or a magical outdoor setting for your wedding ceremony, our Naked Katas are perfect for all occasions.


x 100

Dimensions: 34 ft x 34 ft 

Covered area: 907 sqft 

canopy kata 

Our Canopy Kata is a fun and distinctive structure without walls. It can be used as a bar, a bandstand, a market stand with a difference, or a gazebo for that special dining occasion. 


x 20

Dimensions: 20 ft x 20 ft 

Covered area: 250 sqft 

Healy Styled Shoot_Canopy.jpg

beautiful, ethical and functional tent rentals



Toxin-free natural product with no negative impact on mankind nor environment. The special characteristics of our poles means they do not need unpleasant chemical preservatives.


Ethically sourced from northern forests of Scandinavia. Our tent poles are hand-selected from late-maturing Spruce by specialists.


Combining modern technology with the traditional design of the Sami Kata, our Nordic Kata Tipis are engineered to withstand stormy weather conditions.


add-on accessories

Wellness Escape_RT_13.jpg
Woven Floor Matting.jpg
Tipi Arch_Ceremony.jpg
nordic teepee floor plans

Kohkos Events offers highly versatile and customizable Giant Nordic Teepee tents that are suitable for any type of event, from weddings and festivals to corporate gatherings and family celebrations. With a range of configuration options available, our Nordic Kata Teepee tents can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your event. 

To help you visualize the possibilities, we provide sample floor plans as examples of how our Nordic Teepee tents can be used.

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