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a day devoted to wellness
SAT AUG 27, 2022
Avondale Sky Winery
a day devoted to
wellness returns to Avondale Sky Winery

The Wellness Escape, the most exciting wellness festival in Atlantic Canada, is back. Escape to the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia's charming countryside, for a day dedicated to the practices that strengthen the body, restore balance, and expand the mind.


Come join us to connect with your mind and body through movement and meditation classes, holistic health workshops, and mindful practices.

Have a sneak peek at what we've got lined up for you here.

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Kundalini Yoga Class
Aug 27, 9:30 AM
Avondale Sky Winery
what to expect


  • Entry to the festival

  • Access to all classes & workshops (yoga, HIIT, meditation, pilates, breathwork, bath salts workshop, mindset training, holistic health and more)- create your own schedule and join us for as many sessions as you like

  • Complimentary eco-friendly THE WELLNESS ESCAPE cotton tote bag filled with wellness goodies

  • Access to a unique marketplace where artisanal vendors offer local and ethically sourced products

  • Build relationships through mindful dialogue and open conversations with facilitators and other members of our community



Join us for an elevated outdoor dining experience in a spectacular setting.

Dine amongst the vines under our Nordic Kata Tipi tent and indulge in a delicious 3-course meal prepared by the Avondale Sky Winery culinary team. A perfect addition to your day pass or just come along for an amazing dining experience.


OPTIONAL: A selection of wines thoughtfully paired to each course by the Avondale Sky Winery team.

*Limited spaces available. 

$129 (3-course dinner)

$36 (wine pairings)


Stroll through the vines on the Avon Peninsula where you will sample a selection of the prestigious award-winning wines of Avondale Sky. Take in the glorious views of one of Nova Scotia's oldest wineries, while breathing in the fresh Bay of Fundy air that enables production of amazing aromas and flavour of the wine you will taste.


Please note this experience is for guests 19+. 

*Prior to choosing your session below, please ensure you've purchased a ticket using the BOOK TICKETS button above. 




The power that radiates from surrounding yourself in a field of love cannot be underestimated. Start your day off in intention with co-founder of Flo Meditation, Autumn Grant. Through guided meditation and self-inquiry, you will be invited to explore the possibility of bringing more genuine love into your life- beginning with you.

Group Stretching


Learn how to calm your mind and increase your flexibility in this relaxed yoga class. We will focus on the release of the deepest connective tissues and finding spaciousness in stillness as we hold each pose. Your body will love you for this!

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Immerse yourself in a workshop dedicated to body connection, movement, and the science of pelvic health. This workshop will take you through an interactive journey of pelvic floor education, anatomical awareness, and techniques to support the alignment and muscular health of your own pelvis.



Remember the beautiful and ancient art of paper folding to make little birds?

This practice will take you on a journey of intentional movement and breath awareness, folding and unfolding to take flight. Vinyasa based and accessible for all levels- let's play!

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A science-backed methodology that supports you in radiating from the inside out. This hour focuses on MIND-BODY-being alignment. We start with a 30 minute Pilates class with a cardio fusion focused on moving your lymphatic system and training your body 360 degrees. We then have a 15 minute energizing breathwork session, followed by a 15 minute hypnosis meditation focused on manifesting the future you desire.

Sport Exercise


Unleash your inner athlete with a hybrid mobility and conditioning class with Spencer Boyd. This combination class offers dedicated strength sets with endurance-based conditioning. You can expect a focus on movement patterns with some high intensity interval training that will be sure to make you sweat! 

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Create your own custom blend of bath salts to relax and unwind after the Wellness Escape. Choose from a selection of Dead Sea mineral salts, Epsom salts, clay, seaweed, shea butter, and more. Make your own scent using a variety of essential oils or choose from a range of pre-made combinations curated by LightWater.

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Are you ready for a combination of high intensity cardio and slow, controlled, mobility based movements? Created by Neil Stevens and Victoria Scully, a husband and wife duo with a passion for health and wellness. Their experience in group fitness and love for human connection has inspired them to create this partner based HIIT/resistance workout to surely have you sweating and high fiving friends old and new for the challenges you both experience in this session!

Pilates Single Leg.jpeg


Explore the therapeutic benefits of Pilates. This class will connect you with the alignment and symmetry of your body while safely strengthening your core. Building body awareness will support your journey towards health through gentle movement. 

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Sometimes unwinding isn’t cleaning your kitchen or doing yoga or making sure your lunches are ready for the week. In this session, it is a space where you’ve got to do nothing but listen. This relaxing sound-healing workshop is built on the foundation of restoring your nervous system and finding real rest for the days ahead. Join Amanda Baiocco at The Wellness Escape to restore, fill-up, and tune in to what matters. 



Learn more about finding balance through breath and movement. Vinyasa is a seamless dynamic sequence, often referred to as a flow. In this class, the emphasis is on directed movement by controlled breath. Rather than holding asanas (postures), we will be moving through them.

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Ayurveda is an ancient medicine that originated in India. It is a Sanskrit word which translates as “Ayur” meaning “life”, and “Veda”, meaning “Science of Knowledge”. Join Selena and Autumn at The Wellness Escape to explore self-care practices through understanding the 20 Gunas, or the pairs of opposing qualities that exist all around and within us. Through Ayurvedic education and meditation, this workshop will explore opposition as an opportunity to find harmony within. 

Outdoor Pushups


A full-body, bodyweight strength and conditioning workout to bring you back to foundations of movement. Tabata is a form of high intensity interval training, where we will work hard in 20s increments followed by a quick 10s rest. This allows our strength movements to be controlled and performed with quality due to lower reps, and our higher impact movements to be performed with speed and power in the short interval. All cardio movements in this workout will have a high impact or low impact option, so you can craft your workout in a way which allows you to feel your best and challenge yourself in the workout! Get ready for high energy, great tunes, and a good sweat!