• $65 | 30 min
  • Avondale Sky Winery


Osteopathic manual therapy is based on the principles that the body is a whole, not a collection of pieces, and that optimal alignment and structural integrity allows the body to heal itself. Osteopathic manual practitioners must have an excellent working knowledge of anatomy (structure) and physiology (function) in order to remove any restrictions to your ability to move effectively. The improvement in movement then optimizes blood flow, lymphatic drainage and nerve signalling ability. This translates to a reduction in symptoms, such as reduced pain, better sleep patterns and increased energy and vitality. Quantum Sport Therapy will invoice you at the time of treatment.

Terms and Conditions

Damage/Losses We are unable to accept any liability for personal or property damages, losses (including surrendered items) or injuries sustained at this event- other than caused as a result of our negligence. Cancellations and Refunds Refunds are only considered if the event is cancelled or by special exception determined by Kohkos Events and Flo Meditation. In such an event, refunds will be processed in full, less booking fee.