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Why a Beginner Cycling Tour is the Best Way to Experience Nova Scotia in 2023

A beginner cycling tour is simply the best way to stay active while experiencing Nova Scotia’s majestic Atlantic coastline this summer. As a result, Kohkos Events invites cyclists of all levels to challenge themselves with The Great Annapolis Ride.

The multi-day bicycle tour puts the focus on fun, allowing cyclists to go at their own pace as they experience Nova Scotia like few have before. Being a fully supportive tour means that cyclists will be supplied with three square meals each day, en-route bike mechanics and camping with high-quality amenities each night.

Cyclists are welcome to go as fast as they please, but most are happy to take their time as they pedal their way past the amazing scenery offered, ride leaders are right there with you, well-prepared with knowledge about the day's terrain as well as the many iconic sites participants can expect to see!

At this point, you’re likely considering experiencing Nova Scotia in 2023 by signing up for a multi-day cycling tour. If that’s the case, keep reading to learn more about what to expect from Kohkos Events cycling packages.

Common questions from those participating in their first cycling tour

Before we dive into the world class scenery and amenities offered on the Great Annapolis Ride, let’s visit the most commonly asked questions from first time cycling tour participants.

How many kilometers a day can participants expect to ride?

Obviously it’s going to be hard to properly experience Nova Scotia if the day’s bike ride is simply too challenging to have any fun. This is why a casual level of pre-event training in the 6 to 8 weeks leading up to the event is highly recommended. According to experts, the recommended distance for first time road cyclists is 20 kms, which the average beginning cyclist should be able to cover in roughly an hour while riding at a normal pace. It’s believed that this distance can be reasonably extended by 10% each week, meaning cyclists will progress towards completing 32 kms, then 48 kms and 64 km rides as the weeks go on.

According to Kohkos Events founder and fellow recreational cyclist Sean Davidson, participants who regularly complete 40 km rides, and aim to push themselves with at least one 80 km before the event, are generally in good shape to properly enjoy the experience. The Great Annapolis Ride includes a “century ride” featuring a 100 km ride, but it’s important to keep in mind that there is a shorter 83km option and cyclists of all different capabilities can ride at their own pace. For example, average riders generally complete the century ride in 6 to 8 hours, taking breaks for snacks and hydration every 25 kms. After finding the pace right for them, and enjoying the multiple breaks each day, cyclists will likely cruise through the distances featured on the Great Annapolis ride.

What type of bike do participants require and how much gear will they pack?

Bike technology has come so far in the past few decades that most cyclists who already participate in the sport will have a bike capable of tackling the event. There are also no restrictions on the type of bike required to take part in a Kohkos Events cycling tour, meaning participants can use road, hybrid or even e-bikes. A Kohkos Events cycling tour is about having fun, so everyone is welcome on every kind of bicycle.

Kohkos Events sends out a detailed “ride guide” to each participant leading up to the bike tour. The ride guide covers the route for each day, outlining how many kilometres the ride will be and the profile of the terrain in terms of elevation and landscape. The ride guide also instructs participants on what to pack for the journey. For example, some recommended essentials are a tent, sleeping pad/bag, bidon, flip flops and change of clothes. It is noted that each rider is only allowed to bring 23 kg of luggage on the tour, which makes figuring out what to pack one of the hardest parts of the event.

What makes Nova Scotia one of the top tourist destinations in Canada?

While the cycling aspect of the event is attainable, fun and certainly something to be proud of, it’s not even the best part of the two available bike tours. That accolade is awarded to the stunning scenery, historic culture and amazing people participants will experience along the way!

Great Annapolis Ride

Spend the weekend exploring the Annapolis Valley wine region on two wheels. The two day event features a little something for everyone, where cyclists can choose between a standard and a challenging distance that will allow them to enjoy the sites at their own pace. The relaxing ride brings cyclists past charming orchards and coastal routes featuring some of the world’s highest tides. A stop at the Grand-Pre National Historic Site kicks off the weekend getaway before the big finish under the sun-kissed sky of Mercator Vineyards. This fully supportive adventure is the best way to keep fit while exploring the beautiful sites of western Nova Scotia from July 29th - 30th.

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